Bar Interior Design | Vinoteca Bar Mahatsa Huarte| Navarra | Spain Designed By Bguiristain Bergera

The interior layout is dictated by the geometry of the local plant, characterized by trails to the street facades that emphasize its status as an intern and three pillars aligned. The public use area is housed in a rectangular, glass enclosures bounded by the two streets in their short sides, the dividing wall or partition wall with respect to another location to the west and a plane defined by the line of pillars to the east, coinciding with the location of the bar. All service functions, kitchen, toilets, storage and access, are accommodated in the remaining area between the said flat and the eastern boundary of the premises, very irregular. The fragmented, malleable condition of these parts serves the purpose of absorbing the vagaries of the geometry of that boundary, in favor of the proposed regular prismatic and serenity of lines and contours of the noble. The uniqueness of the proposal lies in the use made of a conventional ceramic bottle. It is backlit and fully occupies one of the vertical walls that limit local, coinciding with the area for public use. Its size and exposure accused give special importance, in line with local applications that combines bar and wine cellar. Serves as a warehouse, optimizing surface, gives character to the interior and provides effective demand from abroad, besides being a wonderful acoustic absorber. The natural counterpoint to the massive use of ceramic tiles and gypsum is found in the wood paneling on the opposite wall, hiding the service functions and integrates the exposure and access. A rigorous modulation evident in the exploded soil, wood and the facade, to link different faces, eliminates annoying solicitations and helps to integrate the pillars in the set......more
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